:emoji: shortcuts for macOS

If you're an emoji connoisseur, you've probably gotten spoiled by the :insert-emoji-name-here: shortcut on Notion and Slack. It’s this pop-up that appears as you type:


I love it and wanted it anywhere I type, rather than being limited to just certain tools.

Ctrl + Cmd + Space

macOS does actually have a built-in way for inserting emojis in text. You pull it up with the Ctrl + Cmd + Space combo on your keyboard.


It works but it requires that mouse click to select the emoji AND IT'S ONE CLICK TOO MUCH.

Keyboard text replacements

The solution, dear reader, is in macOS settings. You can create your own shortcuts using the text replace feature. I assigned my most used emojis to easy-to-remember words:

macOS: System Preferences > Keyboard > Text
macOS: System Preferences > Keyboard > Text

Now, when I type anywhere on my laptop, the pop-up appears and I can choose to replace the text with the emoji:


And this works for non-emoji text too. Useful for things you copy-paste often. I use it for my work Zoom link:


The end πŸ‘


And just like that, there's a better way. Check out my friend Noel's reco β€” it's the same thing but much better. Gotta love the internet!