I’m Gio. I started writing notes to help me think. Storing ideas and things I’ve been learning & doing is my bag of tricks. It gives me a sense comfort. Control.

Then I realized that, hey — If I store enough of the good stuff, the things that truly matter, the learnings and values that lead to a good life … I can pass it all down to my kids in the future. My mind as an heirloom 😄

But that’ll be my very very personal notes. On this site I’ll mostly just share what I’ve been working on and thinking about (that can’t fit in a tweet)

Getting around

This site is what’s called a digital garden, a way of publishing personal knowledge that’s constantly evolving. Read more about it here if you want.

The gist: you’ll see a lot of links; just tap/click it if it’s interesting. Look at my Recent Notes for a stream of content that’s always showing the most recently modified at the top.

Maps of Content

  • Now : See what I’m up to
  • ai : A collection of highlights and ideas
  • health : Notes on staying, you guessed it, healthy